A Captain goes down with the ship they say...

...but he will still TRY to save her anyway !!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

After entering the Bermuda Triangle, your ship -The Echoes of the Sea- got attacked by a Creature. 

Three hits was all it took for all your men to fall overboard, and now you're all that's left of this sinking vessel. 

If you don't want to finish as Kraken-food, you better not stop Scooping !

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Computer Controls : 

- [WASD] - Move
- [up]/[W] or [down]/[S] to use Ladders
- [mouse] - Aim
- [Left click] - Fire OR Fix your ship
- [Right click] - Scoop Bucket

The Crew :

- Programmers • Algera FranciEsposito LucasSchifano Luca

-Artist • Algera Mandi •

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